Jim Solouki And Martin Baker Believe That Nelson Is In Hell


Without a doubt, there are people that can call themselves Christians and work for Satan. Such people are filled with negativity and have no empathy at all! They go about trying to disgrace God but He himself is not be mocked!So-called Christians Jim Solouki and Martin Baker wrote on their blog that Nelson Mandela is in hell. They even go far to say that he is Satan’s new toy. Read the blog post here:

Greetings True Christians!

Today Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, ended his worldly life and entered the depths of Hell. Mandela was an unsaved heathen, and died without knowing the Lord. Not only did Mandela influence American Demoncrat Barack Hussein Obama, but he also practiced a heathen African tribal religion. Unfortunately, while Mandela did some great things for the nation of South Africa by ending apartheid, Heaven is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. Mandela died unsaved, and is therefore not welcome in Heaven.

Nelson Mandela was also influenced by Darwinism and Communism! Mandela was an avid reader of Marx in the 1950s, and everybody knows that God hates Communists! Mandela allied himself with Communists and heathen Indian Gandhi, who is also in Hell. Instead of seeking a Christian approach to freedom from apartheid, Mandela instead turned entirely to heathens. In fact, Mandela and Gandhi even are rumored to have engaged in rampant homosexual acts with each other while planning protests!

Karl Max

Mandela was also friendly toward Muslims, God’s hated people! Mandela was linked to the American Civil Rights movement, and many members of this movement were Muslims. Know what the Muslims did after they got African Americans equal rights? They crashed airplanes into buildings and started sectarian wars in the Middle East. Nelson Mandela was allied with these heathen scum, and is now being punished for his earthly mistakes.

Tonight I watched many news stations. On every channel, they showed Africans lining the streets of South Africa, doing happy dappy heathen dances, perhaps in hopes that the voodoo rain god might look with favor upon the soul of Mandela. Unfortunately, these savages are of the same cloth as Mandela. Nelson Mandela may have been a great AFRICAN nature, but by world standards, he was rather lacking. But alas, this is the best that Africa can do. Africa is a heathen continent filled with heathens, and it is no wonder that God allowed the people of Africa to be enslaved.

A heathen dance

I implore those Africans still living to reject the sinful ways of Nelson Mandela and embrace Christianity so that they might not follow Mandela into Hell. Let us pray for the Africans, out of love. Dear Lord Jesus Christ, please lead the Africans away from heathen religions and to You. Please lead the Africans to Christianity so that they may stop being punished with AIDS, poverty, and dirty water, and so that they may avoid the fate of Nelson Mandela and avoid being cast into hell. This we pray in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

A heartfelt Christian messages from your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

How dare they say that Africa is a heathen continent? It’s obvious that they are atheists and hate Africa! Some people in Africa are Christians. Some practice voodoo but to generalise Africa as a heathen content is an understatement! I dislike ignorant people like Jim Solouki and Martin Baker that say awful things about Africa and know nothing about it! How did they know that Nelson Mandela was not a christian and is in hell? Obviously, they are jealous of his achievements and can’t be like him who was admired by millions of people around the globe. I believe that he is in heaven right now. However, only God knows where he is. People that don’t know anything about Africa shouldn’t say anything at all about the continent. They are only disgracing themselves. Everyone is going to give account of what he/she has done on this earth. You are justified or condemned by your words. Apparently they are also racists! I pity people like them. Many are in hell that blasphemed against God and led people to hell and they are wishing that they didn’t do all of those horrible things.They want a second chance but it’s too late!  An example of someone that blashphemed against God is John Lennon. He is in hell.(You can search it on Youtube)  Heaven and hell is real.

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