Frederick Eugene Buhl Laid To Rest

Freddy E Buried

The funeral service of Frederick Eugene Buhl took place on friday 18 January at the First AME Church in Seattle at 11 o’clock.

According to his father, Frederick Douglass Buhl, he suffered from depression.

He loved easily and sometimes fell hard. He also battled very sudden bouts of depression but prayed that God would sustain him. However, he did not want to take any medicine for this. Frederick’s mother and I had hoped he would.

We love him tremendously, and miss him very very much. He had a very big heart toward just about everyone.-Frederick Douglass Buhl.

It was first speculated that he committed suicide over Honey Cocaine but it is false.

I wish Freddy E’s family all the best and that God strenghtens his family, friends and fans.


10 thoughts on “Frederick Eugene Buhl Laid To Rest

  1. I’m so so sorry why why why u were such a beautiful person I felt like I knew u so well u shined through your videos u made me smile and laugh when I couldn’t go on. It hurts me so bad cause I too tried to commit suicide when I was fifteen I actually hung myself and kicked the chair over I was hanging felt like forever I passed out only to be woken to being in the hospital. I thought I was gone but little did I know my angel saved me which was my thirteen year old sister Who just so happened to come in my room. I will never forget that day just like I will never forget u. All that time u was laughing and joking u really was sad alone and afraid and hurt wish I could have helped u now u can live forever my condolences goes to his family and friends. If u read this I would love to hear back from u all I was a true fan email me

  2. Freddy E you were the special kind who touched so many people. Artists are usually very sensitive and become artists because they feel things on a deeper level than most…that’s the quality that makes them able to relate to so many people on so many levels. Freddy E’s beautiful spirit was pure and no one should judge him but understand pain and mental illness is real. I love you Freddy E and you will be in my heart forever…God has you now my love in his care and comfort…aaaaannnnnd one.

  3. Omg this us so sad to hear that Freddy E. is gone that means no more videos of funny moments with him I feel really bad for is family and I hope that they will br okay n I will pray for his family becuz I know it hurts knowing that ur son took is own life… R.I.P Freddy E. I miss n love u;( 😦

  4. I miss you my friend every day I breathe. It’s hard without you here I didn’t know that you struggled but I am hurting without you but I will stay strong for us both because I know that is what you would want me to do. But I do miss you each day my loving and handsome friend. Until we meet again in heaven Rest in paradise forever with the heavenly angels and our creator. Muah and kisses.

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