Reggie Rockstone Didn’t Cut Off His Dreadlocks!

The Godfather of Hiplife didn’t cut off his dreadlocks!

The Plan Ben hitmaker and CEO of Rockstone’s Office says he has no intention of ever razing his dreadlocks of over two decades and no amount of money will make him do that.

He told  Graphic Showbiz last friday that it had been the least thought that has ever crossed his mind.

He said ever since news went viral on social network with accompanied pictures that suggested that he was bald following a message he tweeted, he was very surprised it gained such widespread attention and discussion.

“All along, I never knew my dreadlocks were much of a concern to people. I sent that tweet to my daughter in the UK and before I could say Jack, it was all over the place that I had a bald look now. That was quite interesting.

“Let me tell you what did the trick. I changed the Rasta to corn row braids and with my kind of ‘Kwame Nkrumah’ head shape, anyone would think that I was bald,” he stated.

“I have kept these dreadlocks for over 20 years and I just can’t wake up one day and decide to take them off. I don’t think that will happen and I can assure those who are looking forward to that to forget since it will never happen.

“I don’t even know why people think I will do that. My whole family keeps dread locks including my children because I believe in it so why would I want to take mine off?

“ At the beginning of my music career in Ghana in the early 90s, most people will bear with me that people with dreadlocks were seen in a bad light or ‘alien’ to the Ghanaian culture but even with that perception at the time, I didn’t bow to the pressure to take my dread locks off.

“Not today when many people have come to accept dreadlocks as part of fashion and for those in the showbiz fraternity that I will back off. No way, that is never going to happen” he stated.

When asked how much it will take to cut his dreadlocks, he laughed and remarked “You have no idea what these dreadlocks mean to me. I won’t take them off for any reason and not even when it involves a fortune of a life time. Unless for health complications but until then, dreadlocks forever”. The picture that went viral and confused readers.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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