Antenna Dance Duo Video In Manchester Tram On It’s Way To Two Million YouTube Views

ImageKwabena Benko & Tracy Selasi have become internet sensations after footage of them performing the Antenna Dance went viral.

The four-minute clip of the duo dancing in public areas of Manchester – including a tram and a McDonald’s restaurant – has racked up over 1.7 million views on YouTube.

The impromptu dance performance was their submission for a competition launched by the artist Fuse ODG. He had called for dancers to download his single Antenna Dance and record themselves dancing to it.

Benko and Selasi were among the many competitors who have performed the Antenna Dance which, according to the lyrics of the song, involves one person “controlling” the other using azonto movements.

Their entry has been the biggest public hit.

“Lol this is so cool. Love it,” one viewer said.

Another wrote: “This definitely deserves more views.”

According to Benko, 25, the couple choose public settings in a bid to provide light-hearted entertainment for fellow commuters.

“We heard about the competition and wanted to do our dance on a tram because we thought it would make a good audience and it would be interesting on a moving tram,” he told the Mirror.

The video has helped the single climb to No 5 in the charts and Fuse ODG, whose real name is Nana Richard Abiona, has now signed a record deal on the back of it with 3 Beat Records.

“I think what makes [Benko and Selasi’s video] my favourite is the fact that it’s so vibrant. I like Manchester and it works well on the video,” he said.

“People have looked at the clip from all round the world. Thousands of people have imitated the Manchester dance. It shows how music can unite the world.”



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