Movie Director Frank Rajah Moves Back To Nigeria

Frank Rajah

Nigerian-born movie director Frank Rajah has told News-One he had cause to believe his life was no longer safe in Ghana and therefore fled the country to Nigeria.

Rajah has worked in Ghana as a movie producer for over a decade but recently left for Nigeria and has for the first time explained his abrupt exit.

According to Frank Rajah, though he loves working in Ghana, it became critical to relocate to Nigeria because his security was no longer assured in Ghana.

He said while in Ghana, he was attacked by well-organised gangs on different occasions for reasons he found strange.

On all the occasions he was attacked, he noted, his attackers never stole any property of his except a hard drive which contained new movies he had shot and was working on.

“I went home on different occasions to see my things scattered in my room. They never stole anything and I don’t know what they were looking for. One time too I was driving in town and they stopped [me] and searched my bag and took my hard drive containing my movies. I had my phones with me but they never took them. It was strange and I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t just happen once. I don’t feel safe,” Rajah said.

It was widely reported that some unknown persons stole movies directed by Frank Rajah for Yvonne Nelson and a number of producers from a studio at Taifa, a suburb of Accra. Frank Rajah subsequently had issues with the producers of those movies as some of them demanded their monies from him. That incident marked the genesis of his woes.

Rajah, who stayed in Ghana for over a decade, directed major movies such as Beyonce-The President’s Daughter, Princess Tyra, The Game, Somewhere In Africa and a host of others.

Majority of those movies produced some of the big actors/actresses on Ghanaian TV screens.

Source: Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50 Email:


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