No political party can buy me – Barima Sydney

Barima sydney
Controversial Hiplife musician, Barima Sydney, has parried claims that he is in bed with the opposition NPP, stating no political party can “buy” him.

The entertainer who is known for churning out songs that hit hard at politicians has been tagged as a sympathiser of the NPP.

The singer who has been leading a campaign for nationalism and has been calling citizens to shun politicizing issues and rally around the country’s flag, told Starr News’ Ibrahim Alhassan it is unnecessary for people to assume his actions are politically motivated.

“It’s not about any party. I keep saying that no political party can buy me because if you bribe Barima to do something, remember I will turn against you one day so you will not even try.”

The ‘Wana moni’ singer bemoaned these tags, which are making it difficult for the public to appreciate the message his music carries without prejudice.

“…That’s the sad part, they always make sure they tag you with a particular party so they don’t even [want to] listen to the message you are carrying across” he lamented.

Sydney, however, said he would soldier on despite the label.

“At the end of the day they will keep tagging me but then I will still continue fighting man, one day they will all realise it”.


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