1932 is the newest fragrance from LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL COLLECTION. It was named to commemorate the year of Gabrielle Chanel’s first High Jewelry collection, “Bijoux de Diamants. You can purchase it at a store near you or by clicking on the following link: New Chanel Fragrance: 1932

Daisy Balloon Dresses

I find it innovative and distinctive that a dress can be made out of balloons. The dresses were made by balloon artist Rie Hosakai and art director/graphic designer Takashi Kawada. It sure seems impossible to wear the dresses but I like the creativity.

My Pre-Xmas Gifts

In the afternoon, I went with my colleagues and the Managing Partner from my internship to Mediamarkt to buy Christmas gifts for ourselves.(All in the expense of the Managing Partner) Yesterday, the Managing Partner asked my colleagues and I whether we wanted to go out to dinner next week monday or choose Xmas gifts. Eventually,…