Don’t Jealous Me And Basket Mouth Starring In A Nigerian Movie Together Would Be Awesome!

Don’t Jealous Me and Basket Mouth are both amazing comedians.  It would be magnificent if they both starred in a Nigerian movie together. That would generate a lot of publicity. They are both talented and funny and they have brought it very far in the entertainment industry.

Tolulope Ogunmefun a.k.a. Don’t Jealous Me started making funny videos from his room in 2008 which gained a lot of  popularity on Youtube. He then also started doing skits. Not only is he a comedian but a musician as well. He has released a number of music videos too. Moreover, he plays a major role in the comedy series ‘A Cup Of T’.

Bright Okpocha a.k.a Basket Mouth is a Nigerian comedian that began comedy in 1990. Back in 2005 and 2006, he won the Best Standup Comedy Of The Year. He has performed at numerous shows including ‘ Night Of A Thousand Laughs’ and ‘Nigerian Kings Of Comedy 2012’.   His jokes  are too hilarious. I Enjoy watching his videos. He’s really doing it big! He doens’t have dreads anymore. I like his new haircut though!

They are all working hard and I love their work!

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