Hammer reacts to assertions that Teephlow was forced to leave his camp

Astute record producer, Hammer of the Last Two Music Group, has responded to claims that the inability of Teephlow to reach his full potential was what necessitated the exit of the artiste from the label.

Some pundits had argued that Hammer and Teephlow could not produce that hit song to shoot the artist to stardom despite the numerous and great collaborations with bigwigs like Obrafour, Kwaw Kesse, Edem and Sarkodie.

They asserted that both Hammer and Teephlow were frustrated as a result and had to call it quits.

But speaking to Abrantepa on Radio Univers’ mid-morning show, Brunch2Lunch, Hammer said Teephlow was well groomed and ready for the market. He intimated that the Fante rapper had a hit and graduated like all the artistes he groomed.

“Teephlow is very responsible…. He is ready. He was quite respected. He didn’t have a commercial hit but he had a hip-hop hit with ‘The Warning’ which was nominated in the VGMAs and 4Syte Music Video Awards. So I think he had a hit. The commercial azonto hit bridges the gap between the old and the young. The hip-hop is mainly for the youth. Hip-hop can’t be a commercial Ghana hit,” he said.

Hammer is known for nurturing Obrafour, Kwaw Kese, Tinny, Edem and many others. His prime expectation of persons he mentors is an exhibit of discipline which will cement their stay in the music industry. To him disciplined Teephlow is prepared for the music industry.

He reasons those who belong to the school of thought that Teephlow was not able to reach that appreciable height are using Edem as the yardstick.

“The confusion is because of Edem. Edem is the first person I really managed. When Obrafour blew, he was not with me; he was with Abraham. He didn’t have a hit when he graduated. Same as Tinny and Kwaw Kese… With Edem, people said they couldn’t finance him because economically, it was risky so Edem pushed me to manage him. Edem is the reason I became a manager,” he noted.
“That is why people are expecting me to handle Teephlow like I handled Edem but he doesn’t need that. He speaks Fante and it is widely spoken so it can make economic sense to a lot of businessmen. He’s talking to people right now. He’s in negotiations,” Hammer added.

Watch the official video of TeePhlow’s ‘The Warning’ ft. Sarkodie below


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