Akan’s delivery on ‘Effortless’ should trigger dead artistes – Hammer

Rapper, Akan, has won the hearts of music enthusiasts following his exceptional flow on ‘Effortless’, a song by Hammer of the last Two Music Group.

Akan is heard on the song which also features Teephlow, Medikal and Worlasi exhibit rap skills and wordplay in a manner which reminds music lovers of Okomfour Kwaadee, Okra, Shyy of Nkasei fame and Quata.

Well, Hammer, born Edward Nana Poku Osei is of the greatest conviction that the aforementioned rappers would make a significant comeback if they reconsider the assertion that their style is not appealing anymore.

“He [Akan] is good. I agree with you that he is a sensation. And I think that with what he has done, he has bridged the old school Nkasei style with the new school. It’s working. This should trigger most of the dead artistes who thought they couldn’t come back because there has been a change, to rethink. The likes of Kwaadee, Okra, Nkasei should know that their style of rap has a future. They can take advantage of that,” he said on Radio Univers’ mid-morning show, Brunch2Lunch.

Recounting the making of the song, Hammer told host, Abrantepa, that Akan was not part of the initial plan. According to him, he decided to feature Akan because he firmly believed the youngster had talent and needed to be pushed.

“Akan’s part was supposed to be another artiste. I had heard of him and posted his song about two months ago. People didn’t know follow. I was sure he could do it so I called him. I just told Akan that Teephlow, Medikal and Worlasi were on the song. None had heard what the other had done one the beat. I feel if they do, it influences them,” he noted.

‘Effortless’ is on Hammer’s yet to be released album “The Last Of A Dying Breed”.


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