​4 Principles for Healthful Food Choices

The human body needs the best possible fuel to power life, and that fuel comes from the food we eat. Like a luxury car, without premium fuel which makes the mileage go down, power is lost, and the engine does not run as smoothly, our bodies do not function properly either, without the right nutrition.

It is very sad that most people eat as though they don’t believe it makes any difference what they consume. But it actually does. It certainly pays to eat healtful diets.

A healtful diet requires good food choices. Our dietary choices and lifestyle affect our longevity and quality of life. To make healthful food choices that will contribute to your wellbeing, the following  four (4) principles are very essential:

1. Quality
It is very important that one consumes foods of good quality. There’s even a saying that the quality of food we consume determines the quality (wellbeing) of our lives. This is very true. In buying raw food commodities at the local markets or convenient (ready-to-eat) foods at the supermarkets, people tend to be concerned about the quantity rather than quality. This shouldn’t be so.

It is very vital to purchase fresh raw food materials for meal preparation rather than those that have started deteriorating hence low-priced. The consumption of meals prepared from ‘unwholesone’ foods have resulted in food poisoning and intoxication among several populations which in some cases, led to death.

It is also advisable to choose majority of foods from whole foods, not refined ones. Such foods are nutrient-dense rather than calorie-dense.

2. Variety
Another important principle of eating well is selecting a variety of foods. This ensures a wide range of nutrients to support a healthy body, and the various textures, tastes and colours enhance the pleasure of eating.

By basing our diet on foods wisely chosen in appropriate amounts and variety, we can eaily meet our optimal nutritional needs. The nutrients our bodies need have been grouped into these important categories: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants and phytochemicals. Abundant nutrition can be obtained from a simple food plan if we choose foods that collectively provide all the essential food nutrients in the right proportion. This provides the basis for the concept of balanced diet.

3. Moderation
There are some important components of a healthful diet we should eat only in small amounts. Our bodies require adequate amounts of essential fats as well as small amounts of salt to maintain our body electrolytes. But obesity is a growing problem worldwide. It is even possible to eat too much good food! Over-nutrition is as unhealthy as under-nutrition.

 “Too much of everything is bad”, so goes the saying.

We must balance the amount of energy we consume with the energy we expend in physical activity if we are to remain at a healthful weight. Some people’s voracious apetitte for food has caused them several health problems due to over-nutrition. The body has a treshold for the nutrients it requires for metabolism so when this threshold is exceeded, it is difficult for the body to handle the excesses which result in alteration of some metabolic processes and pressure on the excretary and circulatory organs.

For instance, the consumption of excess fats and oils result in a myriad of cardiovascular diseases and obesity. Frequent and excess consumption of ‘junk foods’ – refined foods and foods with lots of sugar such as carbonated drinks and sweets could result in diabetes.

4. Avoidance
Highly refined foods that often have large amounts of their nutritional elements removed should be avoided,as should foods and beverages that have no nutritional value. Typical examples of such foods include some alcoholic beverages and sodas. Notwithstanding,  a few of these beverage products have been enriched with some nutritional supplements.

Making good food choices is very important! The above principles (though not exhaustive of all the principles) will serve a great deal of making good food choices. Eat right and live right! Source: pniridescent.com

Source: pniridescent.com


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