Maro – Kanyama (Audio)

Popular Ugandan artiste released the single ‘Kanyama’. It is the 4th track off the Atwooki Album. It means ‘Strong’. This is about a person who has been through ups and downs with his/her lover. Despite the tough times that they went through,

Maro – Nzira Nago (Audio)

Nzira Nago is the 15th track off the Atwooki Album by Ugandan artiste Maro. It is about a relationship between a parent and children. The traditional song was sung in Lusoga,

Audio: Maro – Nighe 

Maro’s first single ‘Nighe’ is now available on iTunes! It is a word in his native Bantu language ‘Lusoga’, which means “It’s you”. Nighe is a love song