Maro’s new single ‘Nighe’ drops on December 9

The new single ‘Nighe’ by popular Ugandan artiste Maro will be released on 9 December, 2016 in various digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Google play, Shazam and Spotify.

His album Atwooki will drop in January, 2017.


Nighe is a word in his native Bantu language ‘Lusoga’, which means “It’s you”. Nighe is a love song about how one falls in love with someone and starts pursuing him/her. That person believes that the one he/she is interested in is the right one for him/her.

The album has 17 tracks ranging from collaborations with both local and East African artistes. According to Maro, it took him a year to make the album. He began working on it in November last year. The premier of the music video of Nighe will occur in January 2017. His forthcoming concert will take place in May.


Follow him on the following social media platforms:

Twitter: MaroUganda
Instagram: @marouganda
YouTube: Maro



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