Maro Set To Release Atwooki Album Online On 24 February, 2017

The Atwooki Album by popular Ugandan artiste Maro is set to be released online in various digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Apple music, Shazam, Spotify, Google Play Music, Juke, eMusic, Cür and even YouTube on Friday 24 February, 2017.


The album consists of 17 tracks with five collaborations: Frasha from Kenya, Tindatine, King Saha, Nemesis and Iryn Namubiru. It was mixed and mastered by Zuli Tums of Volume Up Records. Moreover, it was compiled by Maro and Zuli Tums. Maro wrote and composed the music. Live instruments were done by Micheal Ouma, Chamant Mushaga, and Omutara of Fusion Band. Other producers include: Nessim Jozey J Power, and Dr Dokita Fizol Theo.

The dates of the concerts will be announced soon. For inquiries, call +256781573235

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