My Pre-Xmas Gifts

In the afternoon, I went with my colleagues and the Managing Partner from my internship to Mediamarkt to buy Christmas gifts for ourselves.(All in the expense of the Managing Partner)

Yesterday, the Managing Partner asked my colleagues and I whether we wanted to go out to dinner next week monday or choose Xmas gifts. Eventually, we went in for choosing Xmas gifts. We didn’t know for sure whether we would go to Mediamarkt but we actually did.

As we entered the electronics shop, I searched for earphones because I needed one. I went in for a Sennheiser earphones for €16.99 and a Samsung mobile phone cover.



Whilst still in the shop, I thanked my Managing Partner and told him that I was grateful for what he did. God bless you! I wanted to buy those products for quite some time now.

I really had a great time today!


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