The Fear Of God

The fear of God drives one to be obedient, to forgive one another and live according to the Word of God. The fear of God is respect towards Him.

Only those who are clean and blameless before Jesus will be raptured.

It is written in the Bible to forgive and if you don’t do that, you’re not clean before the sight of Jesus. The Holy Spirit wants to lead you. The closer you draw to Jesus, the cleaner you become.

How many times have you fallen and Jesus has helped lifting you up? He is helping you everyday and you have to do your part by living a righteous life. Jesus is doing everything to bring you to your destination. He does it 100%. He wants to prepare your for His Coming. He is going to judge you according to what you have done in this life.

God has given everyone a guardian angel. The guardian angel writes everything you do.

When sins comes your way and you resist the devil, you’ve shown him that you fear Jesus Christ. Show gratitude to Him for dying on the cross for you.


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