Education Is The Key To Success

No matter the struggles you go through whilst you’re still in school, remember that God is on your side. I want to share some good news. I’ve obtained 60 credits in the first year of my bachelor study program, Bedrijfskunde MER ( Business Administration including Management, Economics and Law). I’m so happy! Next academic year I will go to the second year and receive my propaedeutic diploma.

The educational system in The Netherlands is different. A student in the university can get a propaedeutic diploma when passing all subjects after the first year of a bachelor and master study program. It’s a mandatory diploma, The mininum of points to go to the second year at my university is 50 credits( I don’t know about other universities). The student is then allowed to go to the second year.

I was attending a university for three years and I wasn’t able to obtain 60 credits. During that time, I followed two bachelor study programs(not at the same time). I started a new bachelor study program at a different university. It wasn’t easy but I passed all the subjects and assignments.

The devil ruined my education during the three years that I was in that other school. Little did I know that God had better plans for me. He helped me through thick and thin whilst I began a new study program. God is faithfull and His mercies endureth forever. Satan, you’re a loser. Fellow readers, Jesus Christ is in control, all around the world. I couldn’t have made it without Him and I can’t live without Him! Thank you Jesus!

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