God Knows Who Belongs In Your Life

Some people don’t understand when they lose friends. Some people are in your life temporarily. Do not cry when you lose a friend. It’s not worth it. Although you may have had a great friendship with that person, the person had to leave your life because God wanted it to happen that way. Rejoice in the Lord, for better friends will come your way. You might not understand it now, but you will later. If a friend doesn’t appreciate you for who you are, you might as well forget that friendship. Don’t waste your time murmuring of why that person did what he/she did against you which hurt you. Obviously, that person doesn’t care about you. You might laugh later and think: “Hey, that friendship wasn’t worth it at all. I did learn something from it”. It’s not all people that will laugh with you. Some may be pretend to be your friend because they know what benefit they will get from the friendship. Don’t be dismayed, you have the last laugh.


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