Day 3 Africa Fashion Week London 2013

The last day of the third edition of the Africa Fashion Week 2013, which took place on August 3, was a successful one. I really enjoyed it. Many designers displayed their products at the exhibition areas.  Collections such as Kaveke, Métissé, Ella & Gabby took the audience by surprise.

Mak Nisy Collections

Mak Nisy Collections is a fashion line that specializes in designing and manufacturing handmade bags, footwear, wallets, notebooks, Ipad/phone cases, accessories and corporate gifts with African(Ankara), continental and a variety of print fabrics. Mak Nisy Collections won the Best Fashion Accessories Designer 2013 at the Abuja Young Entrepeneurs Awards, which was held on Friday 19th April at The Abuja International Conference Center.


Anaisa Monteiro is a textile designer, Illustrator, Craft Maker and founder of Anaisarts. Her roots are from Cape Verde. She makes products such as  jewelries, notebook covers, greeting cards, handbags and dolls.  Other than that, she also makes them customized.

Lewa Jewel

A unique contemporary approach to modern fashion jewellery and accessories. Inspired by african patterns, prints and bold colours, each piece is created by incorporating a range of mix mediaand has been hand crafted making each piece unique.

The lady behind Lewa Jewel is Shana Edwards. She is from Carribean descent. One day at her workplace, wearing a neat suit, she thought of jewelries which could match them.  She wanted to add colour to her identity and heritage.  She commenced with handmade jewelry a year ago by making them for herself. As time went on, people started asking her where she got her jewelries from. This led to a great demand.

They are made out of chrystal rising mixed with fabric dyes.  She also makes customized jewelries and they are affordable.

Kiyana Wraps

Kiyana Wraps was founded by Madeleine Laini and Tyeisha Litambola, who are both from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their products are already made head wraps. Each headwrap has a stretchable elastic band which is sown inside.

Kiyana wraps aims to revolutionise the way African head wraps are worn by adding avant-garde designs and modern day touches for a high-fashion finish.

Kiyana Wraps offers contemporary head-wrapping techniques. Used for editorial photoshoots, private parties hosting, bridal showers, workshops or to add personality and flair to your outfit.

Kiyana Wraps doing a great job by promoting head-wrapping. They have taken it to a whole new level. This could be the next big trend. I’ve never seen such creative wraps. This kind of head wraps really embraces african culture.

MNBO Intulo Yane

Miniver Ntinda Bwalya-Oliver is the founder of MNBO Intulo Yane. She is from Zambian descent. It was actually the first time that she was exhibiting her products at the AFWL. Her products are such as african print earrings, bags, bangles and shoes.

It all started as a hobby. Then a lot of people brought their shoes for her to customize for them.

MNBO IntuloYane is set to be a brand that specializes in using the bright, bold and beautiful African fabrics to create unique designs of shoes, bags,and fashion Accessories.

Relying on the vibrancy of the textures, patterns, and colours of the african fabrics, I.Y. is able to create unique personalized pieces, to suit the feel and personality of each customer.

The aim of the brand is to help the modern day woman or man identify with and embrace their culture while at the same time fusing it with contemporary western style and fashion.

IntuloYane which in Mambwe (1 of the 72 languages in Zambia) means ‘My Roots’, reflects the traditional inspiration behind this brand.

Afro Fushion Designs

AfroFusion Designs was set up during the later part of 2010 as part of an initiative to promote Afrocentric fashions with a contemporary flare in a relatively new but growing industry. The aim is to promote afrocentricity in fashion & beyond. AfroFusion Designs  produces quality fairly traded fashions accessories. The uniqueness of their designs, colours and creativity of their produce are inspired from the rich cultures of Africa while supporting local communities. They have a superb selection of handmade African inspired fashion accessories made out of vivid combinations of colour and texture; mainly wax prints, wood, leather and other materials.


Kenyan fashion designer John Kaveke and a model

Ella & Gabby

For more pictures of the Africa Fashion Week London 2013, click on this link: PN Iridescent Facebook Page


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