Nana Ama McBrown Disappointed In Ekow Smith-Asante


Nana Ama McBrown says she is disappointed in fellow actor, Ekow Smith-Asante, for condemning movies produced in Kumasi. Ekow Smith-Asante said 90% of the ‘Kumawood’ movies are destroying the Ghanaian movie industry.McBrown told Kojo Preko Danquah on Adom FM last Saturday that “In the first place, I am very disappointed in the personality of Ekow-Smith because I didn’t expect this statement to come from him. We have been doing this with him for a long time, so for him to come out like this, I feel there is something wrong somewhere. If he feels the Akan movies are not to be regarded then why does he think the FIPAG congress was held here in Kumasi and not in Accra.

What it means is that the people in the Akan movie industry are the people doing the work so we have been recognized for that. Our dominance is clear everywhere in the country and beyond. At the moment, Kumawood has more producers than the people who are producing glamour movies so what is he talking about.”

She added, “excuse me to say that those who are shooting the glamour movies like the Jackie Appiah’s and the Yvonne Nelson’s are only marketing and selling their images to the world and not anything Ghanaian to the people. What we are doing is rather selling the culture of Ghana to the people better than the glamour movies. What I expected Ekow-Smith to have done was to advise the directors and the producers to work on the quality of the stuff they put out and correcting some of the wrongs in them. He is very close to the directors and the producers because he has worked with them before. So I am shocked that he is saying stuff like this without approaching and telling them that they can do things better.”

Calling herself the “Queen of Kumawood” she stressed that she will be shooting Kumawood movies until ‘God knows when’ because she believes that has made her who she is today.

She commended all producers and directors who are in the ‘Kumawood’ industry describing them as great and talented people with the aim of selling the brand and culture of Ghana.

Nana Ama McBrown is a known face in the ‘Kumawood’ movie industry and has won several awards. Notable movies she has featured in include Ama Ghana, Madam Moke, Mmaa Kuo and many hot selling movies on the market.



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