The Wedding Proposal That Occurred In A Plane

Almost every passenger on KLM flight 589 on Thursday September 19 from Amsterdam to Accra was a little scared when the pilot announced that there was a situation at hand.He sounded as if there was an impending accident or mishap ahead…”I have been a pilot for 27 years now and this is the first time I am witnessing something of this sort” he said. For some seconds there were whispers in every corner of the plane and some form of tension and unease.

Finally, a voice of another male was heard and to the amazement of everyone on the plane, it was a 32 year old Ghanaian, Kofi Kumah proposing marriage to his girlfriend, 28 year old Pamela Ofori, also a Ghanaian.


Pamela Ofori & Kofi Kumah

Amidst cheers and laugher, Kofi walked with a diamond ring to Pamela’s seat and asked her….”would you marry me?” and as surprised as she could ever be , all she could say was a big “yes”.

Kofi and Pamela have dated for over a year now, and though Pamela was expecting the “big question” soon she never thought of having to say “yes” on a plane.

“I didn’t expect that at all…I was coming to Ghana for the holidays and though he wasn’t scheduled to come with me he decided to. For me, it was the biggest and most romantic thing that ever happened to me. He was a little nervous before the journey and on the plane but it never came to mind that he was actually preparing to propose marriage” an excited Pamela narrated.

The newly engaged couple was showered with gifts from a lot of people on the flight. Luckily for them, the co- owner of Orca Deco Ghana, the one-stop-shop for home & office décor needs, Fayssal Sharara, was also on the plane and also touched by the amazing love story, he promised them a bedroom set from Orca Deco.

Last weekend, Mr. Sharara presented a special gift voucher to the newly engaged couple in Accra.

With the voucher, the couple would get a free complete bedroom set comprising of a bed, a two night stand, a dresser and stool, and a wardrobe. “It actually felt like a fairytale, right before my eyes” he said.

He said the bedroom set was his way of congratulating them and also his gift to the newly engaged couple.

The couple expressed gratitude to the Orca Deco boss for his kind gesture. “This is amazing, honestly I didn’t expect any gift from anyone, my duty was to only ask for Pamela to marry me in a romantic way and see what it came with; another surprise for both of us, we are grateful and we would always remember this” Kofi said.

Source: Efia Akese


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