‘Some of the people insulting Jim Iyke are demons’ Okey Bakassi attacks critics


Jim Iyke’s deliverance saga continues. What went down at T.B Joshua’s Synagogue church days ago has left many tongues wagging.

Jim Iyke has been criticized by some of his colleagues who think it was an embarrassment, while some others think it was fake. (Read the article about his deliverance here).

One person in the industry finally stood for Jim Iyke and it is none other but actor cum comedian Okey Bakassi.

Voicing his opinion on the controversial deliverance session that Jim Iyke went through, Okey Bakassi said:

Yesterday was The 53rd Anniversary of Nigeria’s ‘Independence’, I refused to comment or send messages for reasons u and I know. If u are reading this message, u are lucky to be alive. Thank God. I’m fed up with all the noise about my Actor colleague who gained Independence from ‘demonic influence ‘ or ‘Deliverance’ at Synagogue. I respect him for seeking spiritual help when others are shying away from the reality of their situation.

“Even those who are ‘Demons’ themselves are throwing insults at Jim. Our level of hypocrisy in Nigeria is nauseating. Established ‘Sinners’ find it convenient to throw stones at those whose stories become public, making it more difficult for people to seek help. If you have never presented yourself for ‘Deliverance’ keep quiet because you’re not sure of what forces are speaking through you. Congrats Jim for being ‘man enough’……

Have a blessed day pals.

Okey Bakassi

Source: High Street Mail


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