I am not a gay – Umar Krupp


One of the youngest movie producer and nominee for the best new actor for GIAMMA Award, Umar Krupp is facing serious bashing on social network platforms as his images have been manipulated to suit the purpose of some unknown persons, making a statement that he is gay.

These persons are taking advantage of the character he played in Yvonne Nelson’s House of Gold movie as a gay. Umar Krupp played his role very well, and that has fetched him more roles in different fields and also the exposure to extend his abilities in his chosen career as an actor.

Umar Krupp is not gay in real life and as a professional actor; he is willing to play any role given to him to its perfection. In regards to his well interpretation of his character, a prescreened shot of Umar Krupp’s performance in the House of Goldmovie has been edited to portray negative things about his personality.

Umar Krupp’s attention was drawn to this despicable development and he has since expressed his feelings towards it: “Whoever did this to me must understand that it is not funny. Please stop, as I have been labeled as a gay and it is becoming something else. My fans and family aren’t taking this lightly”

“My management and I are aware that such character assassination is usually one of those debts a movie celebrity pays as his rise to stardom.” He added.

Source: chuksineh.com


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