Super O.D. Alive!


I haven’t been blogging a lot for a while because I’ve been very busy with other things. Due to that, I haven’t been really keeping up with entertainment news and all.

Apparently it was reported that veteran Ghanaian actor Super O.D. passed away but that’s not true. Here’e what revealed:

Super O.D. debunked a claim by the P.R.O of the Film Producers Association of Ghana, Michael Kweku Ola, that he was dead. O.D has told journalists reports of his death are untrue, and must be treated with contempt. reliably state that O.D is presently in Swedru in the Central region and he is stronger than ever going about his normal duties like anybody else. Meanwhile contacted P.R.O of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) Michael Ola who confirmed this false claim to to find out why he confirmed such falsehood.

According to him he had several calls from OD’s hometown this morning that he (OD) had passed away that was why he confirmed it to the website even though he is not a family member.

He quickly denounced his earlier claim and stated that he has called the website to pull the story down immediately. is yet to know what action OD and his family will take against the website and Mr. Ola as this is the second time the funny actor has been pronounced dead while he is alive.


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