Adjoa and Joseph van Vicker Celebrate Their 10th Wedding Anniversary


Ghanaian actor Joseph van Vicker and his wife Adjoa van Vicker celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary yesterday. 

They have been together for nearly 19 years. “Its my 10th wedding anniversary TODAY, yeeaaaa. I pray the Lord grants me many, many, more years in marriage with my wife, Adjoa van Vicker. Amen,” Joseph van Vicker wrote on his Facebook fan page yesterday.  He married her back in 2003.

Here’s a picture that Joseph van Vicker shared on Facebook of him and his wife while in secondary school in 1995:

They have three children together: J’dyl, J-ian and a son Vj.

I had to post a blog about their wedding anniversary. I’m a big fan of his. I wish him and his wife all the best in life!


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