Jamaican Artiste Alkaline Eyeballs Tattooed

I’m so shocked at the fact that a person could have let his eyeballs be tattooed! I’m not into the dancehall like I used to but a Jamaican artist called Alkaline is the first dancehall artist to have his eyes tattooed.

According to him, the tattoo was painful but temporary.


There were rumours that he was seeing a shrink and he mentioned that he is not influenced by dancehall artist Tommy Lee’s demonic movement in dancehall.

His dad is oke with it but his mother was disappointed.

On the real, he looks like a doll. The implications of such an act can lead to blindness. Antony Miller of ER asked him why he have his eyeballs tattooed. He replied that he did it to distinguish himself from other dancehall artists. #Fail.

What do you think of it?


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