Who Says I’m No Longer Funny And Not Popular Anymore? – Funny Face Asks


Three years may seem a short time in the career of an artist but for stand-up comedians, whose lifespan on stage has been known to be the shortest among the lot, the survival and growth of GH comedian Funny Face, has been phenomenal.

“I know I’ve got to re-invent myself very often to stay funny else I will be out and dry telling the same jokes and presenting them the same way to my audiences”, Funny Face told Showbiz in response to a question about how he stays on top of his game.When he made his debut appearance on the Night of 1010 Laughs series back in 2010, many patrons present were marvelled at his sheer creativity and were happy that at last, Ghana could also boast of a reputable stand-up comedian.

Three years down the line, Funny Face is happy with himself and is thankful to all the people who spend money to come and see him perform. He conceded that while he maintains a lot of his fans, there are others whom he may have lost but he insisists that he is still the “Swaggon Papa”.

“Who says I am no longer funny and not popular anymore? Maybe, that person has not been following my exploits in recent times. Check my social network following then you would know what I am talking of.

“ I have over 76,000 followers and I am following over 50,000 people on Twitter. I have over 290,000 like hits on my Facebook page and that is no small feat to chalk.

“The wide and good feedback I am getting from the recent Vodafone advert is even a testimony that I am not fading at all. I am still that ‘Swaggon Papa’ and have not lost any bit of my funny nature” he said.

He said as one who is constantly in the public eyes, it is important to “lie low” sometimes to sort out private issues and that is what he has been doing for some time now, a reason he is not being actively involved in public activities.

“As I am talking to you now, my crew including my event outfit, the Swagon Entertainment is working tirelessly on my projects which will kick start early next year.

“ We have put together a Funny fun festival for my fans in Kumasi early next year. I will also embark on educational tour to inspire students and I have made customised wristbands and T-Shirts inscribed with inspirational words to serve the purpose.

“I have a TV comedy show in the pipeline as well and working towards my own stand-up comedy show so it is not as if I am idle but I am working on my projects which need much of my time and attention. The reason behind my absence from the public scene in recent times” he stated.

Even though many Ghanaians have lauded the comic prowess of Nigerian comedians, Funny Face is more than convinced that Ghana has the best of comedians.

“Ghanaian comedians are the best because they are always natural and flow easily with their jokes. I know what I am talking of because I have met many of them.

“ We have lamented about not having great standup comedians in the country not because we do not have them but the platform and the lack of exposure has contributed to inability to unearth these talents.

“Hopefully, my stand –up comedy scheduled for next year will bring on board some of these talents and then Ghanaians would know what we have”.

Real name, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, Funny Face hails from Kwahu Abetifi and had his breakthrough to comedy when he appeared on Night of 1010 Laughs series, his first and biggest comedy platform.

He later had a stint with music when he collaborated with Castro to produce Sweet Banana.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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