Meet Maame Yeboah Asiedu: Ghana’s Leading Sex Counsellor


Maame Yeboaa Asiedu, a renowned marriage, relationship  and sex counsellor, has told News One her job often makes her the target of the very people she seeks to help.

According to her, on countless occasions, she had portrayed herself as an elderly woman on order to put off people who developed interest in her as a result of what she had said on radio about sex or marriage.

She said some men actually called her to make sexual advances at her. But as a professional and responsible mother and wife, married for the last 13 years, she did not yield to such suggestions.

“I quite remember somebody called me when I was talking about how to take care of oneself and the person was like ‘hey Maame, then it means you are very good in bed. How do you do it?’ But, I always have a way of putting them off. I said, ‘hey, drop the call and stop that. I am an elderly woman here.’ I always pose as a very old woman not because I am deceiving people but you know this type of job  is mostly for the elderly.

“Mine is a gift and I counsel elderly people as well. People might not understand why a younger person like me is doing this type of job. At times some think because you are able to understand them, they might want to woo you. Once in awhile, you find men getting attracted to you and all. At times too you get certain comments like teach me sex positions. People would think you are superb in bed and all that but then it is all part of the job. If you are professional, you know how to go about it. There is a risk with every occupation,” Maame told News One in an exclusive interview about her job.

Maame has been on Peace 104.3 FM’s ‘Woba Ada Anaa?’ adult programme for the last six years, where she has been showcasing her counselling prowess. She has been on other shows like Today’s Woman and Girls Girls among others to give counselling.

“Counselling is a calling. Believe me, you can never be a good counsellor if you are not called to do so; you can’t do it. It is only God. With me too I come from a family of counsellors. When I was growing, I realized that people were bringing their problems to our house for [them] to be solved. But it is a calling. From the inception, I just realized that I have that gift. Its motivation, counselling people has been like a hobby for me,” she said.

Currently, she hosts a programme on Okay FM, Life & Living, where she and her panellists discuss diverse issues from 10pm to 12 midnight on Wednesdays. She also reviews some of the latest soap operas showing on UTV.

From Akyem Oda in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Maame was born and bred in Accra. She attended St. Mary’s Senior High School before enrolling at the Pentecost University.

Source: Francis Addo


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