President of the Kumasi Film Crew admits that Kumasi movies lack quality


Many are those who have complained bitterly about the quality of movies produced in Kumasi and the fact that most of them are increasingly destroying the film industry.

Though some Kumasi movie makers disagree with people who pass negative comments about Kumasi movies, the President of Ghana Film Crew Association of Ghana (Kumasi branch), Owusu Asare has revealed to Flex newspaper that, it is true that most Kumasi films lack quality.He lamented that many people who are technically good when it comes to movies end up blaming the Kumasi film crew because they handle most of the technical aspects of the movies. He added that he believes most of the blames should be directed to the film producers because they refuse to invest in quality and they like cheap labour.

He added that on the part of the Film Crew members, they are doing a lot to raise the standard of Kumasi films. “One of the main reasons why we came together to form this association is the blames we receive for poor work done, and we think though the producers are rather to blame, we also have to learn and work hard to bring out the best in us. We agree with those who criticize us for poor quality of our movies and we have learnt a lot from some of their criticism,” he said.

Talking about some of their strategic activities for the year, he said that they were planning to collaborate with NAFTI, so they could train most of the crew members who didn’t have formal education, so they could also be professionals.

He also supposed that it would get to a point where they would control and force the producers to invest in quality and if they refuse, they would take personal actions against them.

As to what they have achieved within a shorter time, the president of the Association Samuel Owusu said that most of the winners of Kumawood Awards and Ghana Movie Awards are part of the Ghana Film Crew Association of Ghana. The Best Costumier in Ghana Movie Awards, George Atobire and makeup artiste Jude Odoh are part of the film crew.

Source: Mustapha Ayinde Inusah


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