Praye Tintin(Kente Bua) May Return To Praye

praye tintin

It is likely that Christopher Nana Adu Asare Koranteng, also known as Praye Tintin, might return to Praye. Praye Honeho and Praye Tietie have been struggling to make hits. It hasn’t been the same since Since Praye Tintin left the group. Steven Fiawoo(Praye Tietia) didn’t deny that.

In an interview he had with Adom TV which was broadcasted on thursday 6 February 2014, he said that he won’t lie that it hasn’t been the same since Praye Tintin left the group. It has challenged him and Eugene Baah(Praye Honeho) to work harder. Praye has been in the music industry for ten years.

“I can confidently say that we are working on something. And we can never celebrate the 10 years without him. This is the first time I am saying it on this platform. I will have to say it with authority that this year, something will happen to Praye again. Something good, for the better”, Praye Tietia said. caught up with Praye Tintin to find out if it’s true he is returning to the group. Christopher didn’t deny it but went on to say that “It might be, but I’m not promising”.

Well, whatever the case maybe, I just hope he will eventually return to the group.


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