PN Iridescent Interviews Julian Asiedu Of Jagonzytv


Julian Asiedu is a Ghanaian director and producer of Jagonzytv. He is also a script writer and an actor. Apart from directing and acting in skits, he makes videos on giving opinions about certain issues. He has Akuapem and Ashanti roots. The 25-year-old multi-talented young man lives in Minnesota. He was nominated for Best Africa Media  by Afro Entertainment Awards in 2013. It is an organization that acknowledges and honours the accomplishments and contributions of entertainers and entrepreneurs in the Afro Entertainment arena.

PN Iridescent: What led you into scriptwriting, making skits and giving opinions about certain issues?

Julian Asiedu: I love reading stories and being creative. I put all my thoughts into writing because I forget stuff a lot. It became a habit so I decided to work more on that. My scriptwriting comes from different areas depending on how I look at things. For example, when I listen to R&B music, I listen to the words carefully and start writing what’s important and how it could be used to change people’s lives or tell them a story. Sometimes, my script writing comes from day to day activities that happen in the African society or in an African house. Skits like when Things Go Wrong part 1,2,3 and 4 are all stuff that happen in an African house. I also love reading jokes on social networks and bring different ideas out of those jokes. I read and turn them into a skit and put them into action. I also look at relationship issues. I can make it funny or just something depending on how I want to tell a story out there. I started with the webcam which I use to address people on certain topics that affect the African continent, especially West Africa. Ghana, to be precise. But I wanted to take it to the next level. So I had to come up with a team to bring all the thoughts I have in my head out because I talk too much. No wonder I call it freedom of speech. I still do the one-on-one camera videos but more into the skit videos because I believe it will be understandable when people see it in action.

PN Iridescent: What does Jagonzytv stand for?

Julian Asiedu: Jagonzy is my nickname. I have been using it since sixth grade. Gonzy means fun in Swedish. I added the ‘Ja’ because my first name starts with a J and the last name starts with an A. I wanted the name to be different and unique from other nicknames.

PN Iridescent: For how long have you been writing scripts and making skits?

Julian Asiedu: I started Jagonzytv in 2010. I have been writing stories since I was a kid but skits relating to Jagonzytv started in 2012.

PN Iridescent: How would you describe yourself?

Julian Asiedu: Julian is an easy going guy. Comedy is my food and drink. I can eat and drink it all day without getting tired. I’m a young guy trying to achieve my dreams. I’m a God-fearing man who doesn’t joke with his Christian life. I’m in a family of 3, being the only man among my siblings. I’m always happy but I easily get pissed off.

PN Iridescent: Are there any plans concerning Jagonzytv in 2014?

Julian Asiedu: Yeah. There is a lot coming to viewers this year. I’m working on episodes which will be broadcasted on Youtube once a week. I’m also working on my first movie. A lot of funny skits are coming out. Great collaboration with other funny African Youtubers and a lot more.

Check out some of his skits:

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