My Upcoming Fashion Brand ‘Phyllis Ntim’

IMG_6614 photoshoot 1

Not only am I blogger but an upcoming designer as well.

I thought of becoming a designer in my primary school days in Ghana. I became fascinated with african print. I had a lot of interest in art in school.

I’m a 24-year-old student who is in her second year of Business Administration at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) in The Netherlands. I was born and raised in Amsterdam. I moved to Ghana when I was nine years old. I lived there for four years. I came back to The Netherlands in 2002. In the early years of my return, I wasn’t busy with designing in my leisure time but rather with singing, songwriting and playing the keyboard.

I had a dilemma in choosing a different course to follow in the university in 2012. It was either Fashion Designinig or Business Administration. Eventually, I chose the latter.

My love for designing began to grow each day so I started following sewing lessons.

The mission of upcoming fashion brand ‘Phyllis Ntim’ is to bring people from all walks of life together to embrace african fashion. The blend of african print and different textiles shows another diversity in fashion. It doesn’t matter the race.

Here are a couple of  my designs. The responses have been great since the release of the pictures.

IMG_6641_cropped photoshoot2

IMG_6519. photoshoot6Kente ntoma dress with flair



For inquiries or to place an order, don’t hesitate to send me a mail:

Instagram: @phyllisntim
Facebook page: Phyllis Ntim


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