Will Bukom Banku Accept A Rematch Against Ayittey Powers?


bukom banku ayittey powers

Ayittey Powers  mentioned in an interview with Fireman Songo on Fire For Fire on may 20 that before any other boxer will fight Bukom Banku, he must fight him again. After Ayittey Powers lost the bout against Bukom Banku on thursday 16 may, he has been demanding for a rematch. Many people  expressed their thoughts social media on the bout.  In my opinion, Ayittey Powers wasn’t doing his best. On the other hand, Bukom Banku had full energy during the fight and it was obvious that he would win. He  blamed Bukom Banku’s overweight for his inabilities into punching him well.

Moreover, he admitted the mistakes he made and assured that it will not be like that in a possible match against Bukom Banku again . Fireman Zongo asked him what those mistakes were and he answered by saying that it is his secret. Well, not trying to bash Ayittey because I actually wanted him to win but those who watched the bout including me knew which mistakes he made! He said if Bukom Banku is a champion, he should fight him again. He went on to say that he t wasn’t receiving punches from him but slappings!

According to Ayittey Powers, there were false reports that he was the at hospital after match but that wasn’t true.  Watch the video below:



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