Guru ft. Benji – Keep Walking


Guru is out with another Hip Hop song called ‘Keep Walking’. It’s different from other Hip Hop singles I have heard from him. The song starts off with an old, classic, sampled traditional music mostly played by ‘Ndwomkoro’. It consists of a lead singer, background singers, drummers and dancers that dance to Adowa. Adowa is a traditional dance mostly danced by the Akan tribe in Ghana.
An Adowa ensemble comprises a lead singer, a chorus and percussion instruments.

The lead singer sings a song praising God and then the Hip Hop song comes afterwards. What actually makes the song more catchy is that the lead singer was singing ‘King, we are waiting for you’.

‘Keep Walking’ talks about how Guru struggled to make it in the beginning to make it in the Ghanaian music industry and that he is looking up to God. The song itself is powerful because God is being glorified. See it like a testimony to glorify the Lord God. The song is produced by Kindii.



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