20 Inspiring Quotes By Pastor Dunamis Okunowo

pastor dunamis

Pastor Dunamis Okunowo is a Nigerian pastor who is one of the founders of Kisses And Huggs Club, a ministry to reach out to singles and married couples by Daily Devotional, Daily Discussion, Daily Prayers and a lot of other free resources for Singles and Married Couples. (Click here to read my interview with him if you missed it). He is an inspiration to many and to me as well. I respect him a lot. There are things in relationship that I never knew of which he has written devotionals of! In honour of him, I decided to gather 20 inspiring quotes written by him.

1. “There are times you stay on the side of God and it practically looks like you are a loser! But you see, no one makes a fool of God. You can never lose when you are on God’s side because the word of God does not permit that. It may look like it, people may mock your sincerity and call you a fool for being on the side of God, but at the end, God will lift you up. Why? What a person plants, he will harvest”.
2. “Communicate deliberately. Never you are too busy. Life is about value. If you value that relationship or marriage, you will find time and invest communication in it”.
3. “It is only genuine love that can withstand the storms that are sure to come in later times”.
4. “It is always good to pay attention and try to listen to what Gods wants to say”.
5. “You are not a wife material when you are still sleeping around and you are generous with your body! It is a direct violation of God’s way of doing things and such lifestyle will bring difficulties into your life. The way of the transgressor is hard!”.
6. “A wife material should develop her self spiritually. You need that spiritual maturity to help you balance your role as a wife-to-be, mother-to-be and sometimes combining that with a vibrant career”.
7. “One of the marks of being a wife material is to respect your body and honour God with it. But when you are already involved in jeru trap repeatedly and without repentance, you are not really honouring your body!”.
8. “No matter how long you have been single, never walk down the aisle because you are desperate to settle down”.
9. “When you are desperate, you are apt to make a lot of mistakes!”.
10. “Decide to improve yourself”.
11. “Deception destroys trust in a relationship or marriage”.
12. “A compromiser wants you to mess up regardless of what the scripture says. He or she might even be born again or be a churchgoer. The satisfaction of his lust is his priority. He or she even quotes the scriptures to justify his sinful habits.  Anybody that wants to take you away from God is not worth it. It will end in regrets”.
13. “You need to be passionate about your purpose for significant advancement”.
14. “Your passion is given to you to lead you into that glorious place that God has for you!”.
15. “There is nothing that kills a relationship or marriage like unresolved quarrels. Yes, there will always be quarrels unless one of you is not thinking. If you are both thinking, there will always be different opinions which if not laced with maturity and wisdom in their presentations, will lead to quarrels”.
16. “The foundational years in courtship and marriage are so important and they should not be filled with memories of quarrels and unresolved issues”.
17. “If a mistake is repeated over and over again, it ceases to be a mistake; it becomes a habit”.
18. “The graciousness of God is what ensures His faithfulness over your life, even at the time you were not faithful. His grace was there and this should not be taken for granted”.
19.“A faithful man will not insist on pre-marital sex, nay, his love for God will not prevail on the lady to compromise her virtue and offend God”.
20. “A faithful man loves a lady genuinely for who she is and not for what she gives. A faithful man is not out to satisfy his lust only to discard the lady later”.

Image Credit: Facebook page Kisses And Huggs Club.


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