Top 2015 KHC Quotes

Pastor Dunamis and Pastor SophiaIt took me months to compile the best quotes mostly acquired from the Kisses and Huggs Club’s devotionals of 2015. They are 94 in total. Moreover, the quotes are divided into two parts: quotes by Pastor Sophia Okunowo and by Pastor Dunamis Okunowo.

KHC is an acronym for Kisses and Huggs Club. Kisses and Huggs Club is a Non-Governmetal Organisation (NGO) founded in 2007 by Dunamis and Sophia Okunowo. It is also an online community to reach out to singles and married couples via daily devotionals, daily prayers points and a lot of other free resources for singles and married couples.

Delve into numerous devotionals that are changing lives everyday (Go to their website:

Pastor Sophia’s quotes:

  1. Ask that the Lord will help you forgive easily and quickly. The devil enjoys the atmosphere of quarrel, strife and unforgiving attitudes.
  2. Your consistent time of seeking God is so important you don’t want to trade it for anything in this world.
  3. Change your attitude if you know it’s a point of frustration to your spouse or fiancé. Don’t be rigid or insist on your own ways.
  4. You know one of the reasons it’s good to be God’s child is that you can always trust Him to handle your issues for you. He can always help you.
  5. Sincerity is one of the greatest virtue any man can possess.
    David was always a sincere person, thus he was able to admit his wrong, confess his sins, ask God for help and worship God for victories.
  6. One of the greatest virtue I saw in my husband, my fiancé then, was his immense love and fear of God. I knew it was a rare virtue I could not afford to let go.
  7. Once you have heard God giving you the go ahead to enter a relationship with a lady or a guy, don’t doubt or fear.
  8. The devil may want to remind you of the disappointments of yesterday. Reply him with the gratefulness of yesteryears and God’s faithfulness.
  9. It is our responsibility to discern and choose godly and good friends.
  10. The couple must rise above little hurts here and there and see the larger picture. This will then help you to forgive quickly. I had to learn to forgive quickly in other to make my marriage work.
  11. You need to know that men, because of the responsibility of providing for the home and leading the family, can often get stressed up. It is wise to know how and when to talk to him.
  12. Communication is very essential in our relationships and marriage and we have to keep learning and improving our methods and styles of communication. Communication requires right timing, right words, right attitudes, right body language.
  13. When issues of life happens, bills to pay, the pressures of the children, work, stress, etc, try to still catch your fun in the midst of all these.
  14. Most times, it takes our spouse to reveal to us our weakness.
    We may have a weakness we didn’t even know we have. We are so used to our behavior or habits that it takes someone else to show us our real self.
  15. Don’t excuse or justify your hurts and remaining hurt for days, weeks or months as a temperamental issue. Remember, God demands of us to have a spirit-controlled temperament.
  16. My husband will always tell me, ‘You cannot afford to be hurt over everything’. He is right, very on point. I had to learn this and I am grateful to God for helping me.
  17. One of the greatest attributes and virtues of my husband is his openness, plainness and sincerity. I am forever grateful to God for giving me such a sincere man. He is playfully sincere. My husband tells me everything. He has come to trust me and believes marriage must be built on total openness.
  18. Many believers don’t have an idea how much labor and efforts the devil is exacting to ensure he fulfills his three-fold mission to steal, kill and destroy.
  19.  Learn how to cook. Learn to juggle several roles together at the same time. Be multitasking. Be the MD, COO and chief servant of your home.
  20. You don’t make a life time decision with mere emotions. You have to led by God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.
  21. You are responsible for whatever outcome your life turns out to be. You can blame others, but the truth is still that, you are the greatest influence over your life. Take responsibility over your spirit, soul and body. Don’t be careless with your health. Be health-conscious, eat healthy, exercise, live healthy, be preventive rather than curative. Get rid of stress, avoid bitterness, unforgiving spirit, hurt, jealousy, envy, strife, malice, sorrow, fear, etc. All these will prevent you from living a fulfilling, satisfied, whole life.
  22. Don’t ever let the devil, situation or pressures deceive you that God has not been faithful. He has been more than faithful to you.
  23. Some people have more faith in the devil and are conscious of him than they are of the goodness and mercy of God.
  24. Favor is one of the instruments God uses to help His children in this world.
  25. When the favor of God comes upon you, you are promoted, remembered, given things you did not labour for, granted access before kings and great men. You are preferred and the works of your hands are celebrated and appreciated.
  26. Every will of God eventually brings and leads to prosperity and honor. God will usually reward his obedient children with enduring blessings.

Pastor Dunamis’ quotes:

  1. There are things you do in order to make God’s Word come to pass in your life. God needs your co-operation. God will not force anything on you.
  2. Don’t attack anybody back. Don’t try to get back at the guy that promised you heaven and earth and then eloped. Don’t try to get even with that lady that took all your money which you gave out in love only to find out she was in love with another person. Don’t try to set up that guy that abandoned you. Don’t try to fix that boss that took advantage of you naivety. Don’t try to return envy with envying! Focus on God and expect your day of visitation when God will vindicate you and make all things right. Focus on God that will bring glory out of the story. Don’t be pushed into a sexual sin in order to get back at a cheating spouse. Allow God to make all things right, for He is a just God and He knows how to handle it best.
  3. When I was studying a master’s degree in Communication and Language Arts ten years ago, my lecturer told me there are different levels of listening. You can listen for fun like watch a comedy. You can listen for exactness like you do in class. You can also listen with precision in more intense cases but the highest level of listening is what you practice with your spouse. It is called empathic listening and it is listening to her by putting yourself in her shoes to know and feel what she is feeling.
  4. Study your husband. Generally, men don’t talk until they are sure of what they want to do or the decision they want to take.
  5. When you know God’s plan for your life, the awesomeness of your future will prevent you from opening your legs to everybody that knocks!
  6. When a choir leader sleeps around and still leads the choir, he thinks he can combine that lifestyle, because his choir rendition was still anointed after sleeping with a girl, but you see certain things would happen in his life as a consequence of his seed sown that would bring shame and give opportunity for people to mock at God or disdain Him.
  7. Do you know why I have been faithful to my wife? Do you know why I don’t have girlfriends all over the place? It is not because I am a pastor. There are many pastors who are messing up, and young girls call me all the time to lodge unbelievable reports! The only reason I have not compromised is because I have the FEAR OF GOD! That was what Joseph had and he ran away from a free Jeru trap! So, go for the fear of God! Beware of people that have the fear of God temporarily just to get what they want.
  8. Go for somebody you are attracted to! You don’t want to spend the next fifty years married to somebody you don’t appreciate or aren’t proud of because of money! You sure want to get married to somebody that will make you happy. If you spend half the time wishing you had married somebody else because of appearance, it will affect your productivity and you won’t be able to give your best as a spouse!
  9. If you are going to hear from God, He will speak to you through your spirit man or inner man! This is why I emphasize praying in the Spirit or speaking in tongues. When you do this, it develops your inner man to be more sensitive to hear God on any issue.
  10. Renewal of mind takes place gradually as you read God’s Word and study more.
  11. Jeru trap does not prove any love. Waiting does! So you should not follow your body! Why? The moment you do it, you change the equation of the beautiful story God is orchestrating. You see, sexual sins bring confusion! You just get confused because you are no longer listening to your spirit or inner man that hears God; you are now listening to your body and your flesh! And this is the problem: the flesh cannot give you a godly direction!
  12. Reading God’s word regularly will help you to avoid the evil man and the strange woman as a single. It will stabilize your marriage.
  13. Never stop being good. Don’t believe the devil’s lies that bad girls get married faster than good ones. There is no census to validate such arrant nonsense. God does not work with census. When David took a census in the scriptures, God punished him and the entire nation. God’s way of doing things is that He can bypass millions of people to reach you when you please him. No matter how many people get married everyday, the reality remains that nobody can marry your spouse.
  14. Who is the strange woman? She is the one that is so beautiful, yet so ugly within. She is the one you met and from that day, your peace escaped. She is the one you met, you know you are in trouble being with her and yet you are unable to leave her.
  15. The devil has his own invitation cards as well.It is an invitation to compromise. It is an invitation to spiritual apathy and mediocrity. It is an invitation to the road that leads to hell. The invitation card looks so alluring and beautiful, but you see, the consequence of honouring an invitation is not in the invitation card but in the person who is inviting you!
  16. The guy who is insisting you should prove your love with Jeru trap is offering an invitation. The lady who told you to your face that you are old-fashioned by staying away from Jeru trap is also offering an invitation.
  17. God’s invitation will lead you into the good life you have always wanted.
  18. Why would God give you a job that will ruin you spiritually? You think God will give you a job that you need to sustain by warming the bed of your boss? God is not an author of confusion.
  19. Your body is not an insurance policy to insure jobs!
  20. A good man will not ask for jeru trap. A matured man is known by his ability and willingness to wait for his bride.
  21. One of the greatest things you can desire in a relationship or marriage is maturity, not just physical maturity, but spiritual maturity and emotional maturity!
  22. One of the most careless things to do on earth is to ignore God!
  23. Surround yourself with God’s Word.
  24. If a brother is insisting you should be pregnant before marriage, then something is wrong somewhere, because he is more or less telling you to despise God’s commandments.
  25. When you get involved in jeru trap, confusion enters the soul. Why is that? Because the injunctions of God has been violated. When there is confusion in the soul, your mind becomes unclear.
  26. Fear is a tool in the hand of the devil to take you farther away from a loving father that God is. Fear of God, on the other hand, helps you to get closer and see the loving kindness of God.
  27. There is a difference between asking God for direction and asking Him to bless your decision. When you acknowledge Him, trust Him, the next thing that will happen is that He will direct your paths. He will be with you. He will show you what to do. This works all the time. He will tell you about a wrong person to hang out with. He will tell you who is going to waste your time. He will tell you about the person who is only playing with your emotions. He will let you know the person who is trying to manipulate you. And you see, this saves a lot of your precious time and resources. This helps you not to channel your emotion and love on the one would waste your time. He will direct your path.
  28. God never consults your past to determine your future.
  29. Whatever and whoever is hindering your progress, impeding your destiny and working against God’s counsel in your life is God’s enemy.
  30. Friendship is not by force but by choice!
  31. Your body is not meant to be used as a weapon to get what you want.
  32. Read God’s Word regularly. That is what will stabilise your soul.
  33. A relationship or marriage is like a building. A family is something you build. It is a like a project, an assignment based on a covenant and not just a contract. This is why the concept of agreement in a relationship or marriage is very powerful. One of the most important ingredients of a successful relationship or marriage is agreement.
  34. God does not hate you. God does not dislike you. God is not using your background to punish you. God is not getting back at you for a sin you committed five years ago. My father is not like that. Rather, He is a loving and compassionate God. All He wants from you is repentance and you will experience a beautiful forgiveness.
    Change you mindset.
  35. You see, as a child of God, He doesn’t want evil to befall you, so He will warn you before taking a decision that would not end well.
  36. Why would a man jump into a river, commit suicide and end it all? He has first done so in the thought realm. He only acted out what he had done.
  37. You don’t only need to hear God in the areas of relationships and marriage. You need to hear God in every area of your life.
  38. In marriage, jeru trip brings a bonding between the couple, because that is one of the purposes of jeru trip. It cements the couple and joins them together at the highest possible level. Their souls become knitted together. They become one. They are glued together, and God says nobody should put asunder.
 But in jeru trap, outside marriage, there is also a bonding. It is just that it is another kind of bonding. It is an illegal bonding that gives access to operation of demonic entities in one’s life. It’s called soul ties.
  39. In any successful relationship, courtship or marriage, God must be involved! If God is not involved, my dear people, it is a wasted effort, and a labour that leads no where!
  40. Your greatest asset is in knowing the heart of God concerning your life. The greatest advantage you will have is knowing what to do, decisions to make and ways to go, who to get involved with concerning relationship and marriage, and who not to get involved with.
  41. Attraction is necessary in deciding who to marry and I always say  you should make sure you are attracted to the person you will eventually marry.
  42. Bitterness is so intense that it shows on your face and in your attitudes. Stay away from it.
  43. Good attitudes can open doors for you and bad attitudes can close them.
  44. The reality is that we are all projects in the hands of God. That somebody has nothing in his or her account today does not mean it would be like that forever. The important thing is to follow God’s plan for your life. God knows better. God knows the rich guy today who is on his way to being broke and he knows the broke guy today who is on his way to become rich.
  45. I am amazed at how some girls in their bid to get rich have allowed their lives to be sentenced to three bedroom apartments, with a man who comes every other night, for the sole purpose of jeru trap and then drops some money! Such lifestyles will always end up in regrets because that will never be God’s plan for your life.
    Never ever make a marital decision because of money, or some citizenship papers.
  46. If you have found yourself committing a particular sin over and over again, you need to press the stop button. You cannot continue like that.
  47. A life of habitual sin will lead to death. It is not everybody that dies that is buried. There are people who die at thirty but buried at eighty! Do not kill yourself while you are still existing. Live to fullness in God by staying away from what kills and renders useless. It is called sin.
  48. There are ladies and there are ladies. Every lady has her reasons for commitment. Some end up getting married for all the wrong reasons.
  49. I don’t think handsomeness is uppermost in the mind of the people. Sincerely, because when you look back at wedding pictures, you really just wonder why ladies could make up their mind for such men by the way they looked.
  50. No godly lady wants to hook up with a man that will ruin her faith in God.

It takes grace to have a great marriage.
  52. Attitude is what makes people conclude about you without listening to you. Attitude includes your body language, your mannerisms, your disposition and your behaviours.
  53. Have you met ladies who never said anything and you just concluded, that the lady would be a nasty person? What you saw is an attitude.
  54. One of the saddest combinations on earth is two people who are married who lack sense of purpose. They don’t stand for anything, so they keep falling for everything.
  55. The devil never offers anything free. It is always in exchange for your soul!
  56. Marriage involves a deliberate seeking of God’s face to know exactly who to get involved with. Some naive ladies actually believe it is okay to sleep with men before making up their mind. According to them, they wanted to know if the man can actually perform in bed.
  57. Your body is not like a tester, for men will gladly keep testing and tasting until there is nothing left to taste or test! Sleeping around is like shopping for various kind of demons, acquiring designer afflictions and stocking your destiny with strange goods.
  58. The God we serve, your Father, will guide you and lead you by His Spirit. He will show you a right person from the wrong person, if you listen to Him. He will lead you away from the evil man that speaks froward things with his  mouth and the strange woman that flatters with her mouth!
  59. Stop saying what you are going through. Start saying where you are going to.
  60. You cannot separate from God because of that man or woman! It is not worth it. You cannot turn your back on God because you are in love with some man that doesn’t know God! You cannot afford to jeopardise your relationship with God because of one married man or because of some job or promotion. There are some promotions that are simply premonitions of death!
  61. It is important that you build friendship with your spouse and be able to say anything and everything. Adam and Eve were naked and they were not ashamed!
  62. All ye lovers in courtship that thinketh thou knowest thyselves, thou knoweth not each other, until after thou starteth to live together!
  63. Marriage does not work because you are born again. Marriage works because you decide to work on it.
  64. My dear daughter, when you hold your parents in unforgiving spirit, it will hinder your prayers.

To my married daughters, do not allow your parents to come in between you and your spouse. Your love and attention is first of all towards your husband before your parents. On no account must you be getting approval from your parents on what you and your spouse have already discussed. Be wise and make sure you defer first to your husband.
  66. Jeru trap and love are not the same. If they are the same thing, then the prostitute should fall in love with all her clients.
  67. Loving God teaches you how to love a woman appropriately.
  68. It is not everywhere you enter to look for help. The devil is a deceiver and he has many traps!



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