PN Iridescent Interviews Maxwell Jennings

Maxwell Jennings

Maxwell Jennings is a Ghanaian photographer based in The Bronx, New York. He is the founder of Maxwell Jennings Photography. He hails from the Ashanti region in Ghana. He moved to the U.S. at the age of 15. He attended Calvary Int. School in Ghana and the following schools in the U.S: Roosevelt High School and the New York Film Academy.

Not only is he into photography but into real estate as well. Maxwell Jennings Photography also provides services in videography and assistance in planning weddings/events together with his team. Maxwell Jennings has worked for organisations such as RockMeAfrica Magazine, Face2Face Africa , I Do Gh and

PN Iridescent: What inspirted you to do photography?
Maxwell Jennings: I really wasn’t into photography. A guy I knew just asked me to take a picture of him with his camera and he loved the picture I took so he kept asking me to take pictures of him.
PN Iridescent: For how long have u been doing photography?
Maxwell Jennings: I have been into photography for a year.
PN Iridescent: What are the struggles you initially faced in your photography journey?
Maxwell Jennings: I struggled with equipment as I didn’t have my own camera.
PN Iridescent: You work with the popular Ghanaian artiste Tw0-Shy. How is it like working with him?
Maxwell Jennings: It’s a fun experience.

Maxwell Jennings and Two-Shy
PN Iridescent: How did the collaboration with ‘I Do Gh’ come about?
Maxwell Jennings: I received an email from the team.
PN Iridescent: How was it like working with ‘I Do Gh’?
Maxwell Jennings: It was a blast working with ‘I Do Gh’. It was so much fun.
PN Iridescent: Any plans in 2015?
Maxwell Jennings: Secret..Lol.
Check out his website:
Photo’s credits: Maxwell Jennings Photography and Afro-Clinch Entertainment.

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