Delay Interview Bishop Daniel Obinim


Bishop Daniel Obinim appeared on the Delay show. During the interview, questions such as about his church, relationship with his wife and whether he is a true man of God, were asked. He is the founder of International God’s Way Ministries and has eight branches: seven in  Ghana and one in the U.SA. He has three children with his wife Florence Obinim.

Asking him whether he has an anger issues, he replied that God has given everyone the spirit of anger. He admitted that he is quick-tempered. Moreover, he said that he can’t do anything about it and that he enjoys it. He claims that has helped him till date and that if God said he would deliver him from it that he would tell Him that the spirit should remain in him.

He also admitted that he cheated on his wife with a woman who was in a relationship with one of his pastors. He said that it is good that it happened because many people see him as an angel. When the news broke out, many people were surprised. According to him, the situation that occurred should show people that he isn’t perfect.Also, he has never abused his wife.

When Delay asked him whether he is a true man of God, he said that he is.


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