PN Iridescent Interviews Archipalago


Dennis Oteng, also known as Archipalago, is a Ghanaian entertainer who addresses his opinions on certain issues, especially public ones. He is also an actor and makes skits. He has acted in the Chorkor Trotro series and in the movie ‘Made in Agege’.

The 25-year-old was born in Kumasi. His hometown is Sekyere Odumase in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

I had a one-on-one interview with him whereby topics such has how he started making videos, acting,

and his review on the VGMA 2015, were discussed.

PN Iridescent: How did you come up with the name Archipalago?
Archipalago: My former class five teacher gave me that name. He said that I was brilliant and he liked me. He gave me that name so that he could always remember me.

PN Iridescent: What is the meaning of Archipalago?
Archipalago: The actual spelling is A-R-C-H-I-P-E-L-A-G-O. It means a group of islands.

PN Iridescent: Why did you decide to use the name ‘Archipalago’?
Archipalago: Before I was active on the internet, many people knew me as Archipalago likewise those in Kumasi. It isn’t an ordinary name. If you hear it, it’s catchy.

PN Iridescent: What inspired you to make videos on addressing your opinions?
Archipalago: One day, somebody showed me a video of a certain guy called Capo Cheerz. The guy said he(Capo Cheerz) was talking and behaving as me. So I told him to let me see the video. Even before that, I had wanted to act. I’ve been to many places for auditions. I was told to pay admission fees. Immediately I saw the video, I said: “Oh. So this man has made a video and put it on social media like that? Then I can also let Ghanaians in abroad know what is going in Ghana by going to places and also for them to see what I have in me”. Capo Cheerz was showing Ghanaians in Ghana how it is in abroad. He showed many places such as the London Bridge and other stuffs and was commenting on them.  Then I doing such stuffs as well. I thought of sitting down and advising people, even though I had wanted to become an actor all my life. I thank the fans in abroad very much because they were supporting me but people in Ghana didn’t know what I was doing because they thought I was joking, making footages of places such as from Brekum Estate to Suame Roundabout or from Circle to Dansoman or from Dansoman to Kaneshie. The responses that I received from people in abroad is what boosted me to do it continuously. Also, I have passion for what I am doing. That is why it has kept me till now. In the course of making the videos, I was getting ideas and inspirations. Then I started addressing public issues. That is what I am doing right now.

PN Iridescent: In which year did you start making videos?
Archipalago: I created a Facebook account in January 2009. I think I started making videos either in May or April. In 2010, I created a Youtube account. In that year, I was uploading some videos on Facebook and on Youtube.

PN Iridescent: What are the issues that really concern you which are happening in Ghana?
Archipalago: The government doesn’t care about the youth. They have to establish companies in Ghana so that the youth can have some work to do. The government always care about what they will eat. They don’t care about the young generation. That is the problem that we are facing. The dumsor (Light-off) is another general issue which is affecting Ghanaians. The living in Ghana is bad. We are struggling . You know, nothing good comes easy but you can’t compare Ghana to abroad.

PN Iridescent: Did you attend the VGMAs?
Archipalago: No. I was in Accra at the time but I didn’t want to go there because it wouldn’t have felt right. I’ve been addressing issues about Charter House and the issues between them and some Ghanaian artistes. I watched the VGMas at home. I saw everything that happened. It was a poor event.

PN Iridescent: What are your positive and negative aspects on the VGMA 2015?
Archipalago: First of all, the negative aspect is that some Ghanaians think that Wiyaala (Ghanaian singer) is ugly. They have been disprespecting her. That is how God created her but some Ghanaians are making fun of her. They have to stop that. It is uncivilized. The ‘Artiste of the Year’ award shouldnt’ have gone to Stonebwoy. I think it was given to him out of sympathy. I have no problem that the ‘Best Rapper’ award was given to E.L. He is not just a rapper. He is a musician, he sings and makes beats. Another negative aspect was that when Stonebwoy was performing, some people came on stage, throwing money at him. It shouldn’t have happened. Where was the security at that time? They shouldn’t have allowed those people to have come near Stonebwoy in the first place. How can it be that when an artiste is performing, you go and throw money at him, as if you are doing an engagement or wedding. It was very unprofessional. Daddy Lumba’s performance wasn’t good at all. His performance was delayed. It took about ten minutes before he came on stage. He was behaving as if he was sick. If you are sick, tell the organizers that you are sick and that you can’t perform. Go home. Forget about the money. The Compozers, Funny, DJ Black and Tinny wowed the audience. Pappy Kojo and Joey B came on stage when Tinny was performing. Joey B told Tinny that he is a God. Some people have said Joey B and Pappy Kojo behave abnormally. It was a positive thing that ‘Seiho’  by Castro featuring D-Black, was awarded ‘Hiplife Song of the Year’. Patoranking was misbehaving on stage. Yemi Alade performed only two songs in a short time. It was the worst VGMAs ever organized by Charter House.

PN Iridescent: Do you think that Castro is missing or dead?
Archipalago: I think he is missing. Many people are missing but it’s just that Castro is famous. That’s why many don’t want to believe it.

PN Iridescent: It can be that he is missing but yeah.. we still don’t know..
Archipalago: If he’s missing, where is he now? Eh? If he’s missing, can’t he be in a place where people can find him and bring him home? You can’t be missing under water and be living, that is if he’s missing there.

PN Iridescent: I was thinking that he might have been kidnapped.
Archipalago: Never. If he has been kidnapped, then he might have been killed.

PN Iridescent: You worked together with Kwadwo Nkansah in the movie ‘Made In Agege’.
Archipalago: Yeah.

PN Iridescent: How did you get the role?
Archipalago: The director called me. He told me that he saw something good in me.

PN Iridescent: What role did you play in the movie?
Archipalago: I was Nkansah’s friend.

PN Iridescent: How was it like working with Kwadwo Nkansah?
Archipalago: It was normal.

PN Iridescent: What are your plans?
Archipalago: My plan is to make it in life. With God, all things are possible. It is all about hardwork and dedication. I know that hardwork pays off.

PN Iridescent: How do you feel when people in abroad aknowledge your work?
Archipalago: I feel blessed to be in this position. It has never happened to me before. It’s not about the money. I always give thanks to God. He is the only one that I have.

PN Iridescent: Who are you in person?
Archipalago: I’m real, honest and respectful. I’m all about the the positive sides of life.

PN Iridescent: What are you last words to the fans?
Archipalago: I want to tell the fans that they should keep supporting me. If it weren’t for them, I would have stopped a longtime ago.  Their support is what keeps me on my feet.

You can follow him on the following social media networks:

Youtube Channel: Archipalagoable
Facebook: Archipalagoable
Twitter: ArchipalagoTV
Instagram: @ArchipalagoTV



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