Dark Suburb Blasts Akosua Agyepong’s Husband

Dark Suburb group

Alternative Rock band Dark Suburb are clearly not happy.

The reincarnated rock band group, after Prophet Daniel Larbi criticized them, wrote on their social media pages;

“This prophet watches too much Nigerian films, we wonder what he looks like behind his skin. Those who get it, get it. We rock on!! Satan is whatever man makes him/her and we must stop giving him/her credit for man’s awesomeness.”

Reports had it that the man of God said the cover story of the group, their costume, ideology and their stage act invoke demons.
“Check the history of the group posted on their website and you will know that indeed, they are demonic. There is a spirit behind their skeleton skull, costume and their acts. If Ghana embraces them, doom will befall the country. It is dangerous for our youth. As an ordinary person, you will say their style is unique, artistic, creative etc., but spiritually, they are satanic”, the founder of House of God International Ministry and President of World Wide Council of Prophetic Alliance said on Pluzz FM.

Prophet Larbi said when the Dark Suburb group was performing at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, there was a change in atmosphere and he could feel the presence of demons.

He has therefore called on men of God to pray against things that are satanic and has the possibility of influencing the life of Ghanaians negatively.

Dark Suburb is a new mysterious music band that has popped up in Ghana’s music industry. It is an Alternative Rock Band caught between the worlds of the seen and the unseen, the living and the dead. The group’s members are not known except the leader, referred to as “High Priest”. This is because they always perform behind the mask.

Source: YFMGhana.com


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