Not All Christians Are Real


It’s no news that not all christians are real. A christian is someone that follows Jesus Christ but not everyone lives a godly life. God knows his children. The spirits of gossip, backbiting, envy and jealous are dwelling in a lot of christians in the church. Satan can use anyone against you, even your own pastor! This is one of the saddest truth.

A real christian is someone that has a good heart and loves the things of God. He/she looks out for others, intercedes for people and obeys God. These are a few examples.

It is sad to see that some christians in the church envy some people in the church, because of an (extraordinary) talent that the person in question possesses. Mind you that God sees everything but people sometimes don’t realize what they are doing. Why would someone envy someone’s talent he/she is using to glorify the name of the Lord in the church? You should rather be happy for the person. Not all destinies are equal.

If you sing or play any instrument at church, don’t compete with anyone. You go to church for God and not for anyone. When you’re displaying your talent in the church, do it with a good intention. Don’t let some people in the church,  that are being used by Satan to discourage you, stop you from going to church. It’s his plan to discourage you but tell yourself that you are victorious! If you’re going through this, let me say this: I know how you feel. Such situations can make you flabbergasted.
Some christians are sent by Satan to destroy the church so be careful with whom you associate. Not everyone is happy for you. Always ask God for discernment. Matthew 7:16a Ye shall them by their fruits.

1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world (KJV).

On April 24, I had an encounter with God. I realized that he wants me to able to go about a situation wherein people envy me for no reason. He doesn’t want me to mind them.

Lack of knowledge my people perish.

Here is an interesting quote by Oprah Winfrey:


Live a fearless life. Never allow anyone to suppress or oppress you. If you apply Oprah’s quote in your life, it will do you good. Don’t think about the people that gossip about you. They have decided to make you the centre of their lives.

God also told me that people will give account of their good and bad deeds on earth. He doesn’t want me to pay attention to people allowing themselves to be used by Satan against me.

If you are receiving any spiritual or physical attacks (gossipping, backbiting done by some people) in the church, tell God to destroy them. The battle is the Lords. Always plead the blood of Jesus upon your life. Besides that, pray for protection too.



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