Joseph van Vicker’s Heartwarming Message To His Wife, Adjoa, On Mother’s Day


Today is Mother’s Day. Joseph van Vicker, actor and entrepeneur, posted a heartwarming message to his wife on this day. I must say that the picture of Joseph en Adjoa van Vicker

in their youthful days is so beautiful!

Read below what he wrote about her on Instagram:

I find it tough how to begin writing these few words because I want to mean every word and not just want to say nice words to you cos its Mother’s day.

You were with me when our ‘eyes opened’. We counted my 1st salary together. You steered me in many good directions.You instilled good values in me. You challenged me to many tasks and yet guided me thru. Your very presence lightens my life. A lady full of passion, confidence, tolerance, compassion, strength, ideas, etc and yet not perfect. Glad I am strong when u are weak. This is NOT about me, it’s abt YOU and I want the World to know that motherhood is synonymous to your very person. Our 3 kids know this and wish you many more years on Earth. Happy Mother’s Day Baby. #MySuccessStory #MyLife


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