I Want A God-Fearing Woman – Bahati

Bahati was on Radio Citizen’s Willy Tuva’s Mseto and answered questions from fans.

‘I want a God-fearing woman, ‘ said Bahati. ‘Urembo pia unahusika. Lazima macho yangu yapendezwe’ (She has to be beautiful. My eyes have to be impressed).

Bahati, who revealed that he is still single, said he would look for a girlfriend before the year ends.

The young musician, who has been nominated in three categories in the Groove Awards, was on the show to promote his songs, as well as urge fans to vote for him.

‘You know as artists, we do our best, God decides,’ said the ‘Lover’ hit maker. ‘I want to thank those who have been voting.’

Parenthood is very difficult,’ said Bahati. ‘Kwanza huyo Morgan ni kichwa ngumu sana’ (Especially Morgan is difficult).

‘I have a dream to open a children’s home, this is just a stepping stone to what I want to do in future,’ said the music sensation.

Bahati, who grew up in a children’s home, said he wanted to do something for others.

‘I was helped, so I want to help others,’ he stated. ‘I have been blessed, so I want to share the little I have.’

Bahati has been nominated for Male artist of the year, Video of the year and Song of the year.

‘Everything is possible, no matter where you are from,’ said Bahati, who also revealed he would be releasing something ‘big’ in the next few weeks.

Source: Maureen Murimi/Citizennews.co.ke


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