Ghana Must Change


The Accra Floods saddened me a lot. Over 90 people lost their lives during the explosion of the GOIL fuel station at Circle, Accra, on Wednesday  evening June 3. They sought shelter at the premises due to the heavy rains and floods. Many people were totally burnt to death. I even watched a video by UTV on Facebook wherein a kid was burnt. The facial expression of the journalist after he was reporting the story just made me sad.


Furthermore, I watched a video on Facebook of dead bodies being packed like sardines in a pick-up truck. That is unacceptable. This can never happen in Europe. It doesn’t show any respect to the dead. They should’ve been put in body bags.



According to Citi Fm, the torrential rains started on June 1, 2015, which claimed the lives of several people and destroyed properties worth millions of cedis.

Some of the inhabitants in Ghana and the government are at fault concerning the Accra Floods.

What is the essence of throwing trash on the ground or even in the gutter? Why do some adults and children indulge in such a wrongful act? How can the water flow easily when it rains then? For example, if one is done with drinking water from a sachet, it is better to keep it and put in the nearest litter bin or even keep it till he/she is at home and put it in the litter bin. This is common sense!

There are litter bins everywhere in Europe. The goverment  should set up companies to take the trash from people’s homes. In addition to that, they should work together with various town councils in all the regions in Ghana to make it happen. This calls for decentralization. Zoomlion are doing their job but some people don’t want to pay them so they put garbage in the gutter! This is bad!



Korle Gonno/James Town Beach. Credit of photos goes to Nshorma Project


Photo credit: Nabil Alhassan

I applaud Reggie Rockstone, Prodigal and Zeal (VVIP) for partaking in the National Sanitation Day every month.  According to Starr FM, the National Sanitation Day was instituted by the government  in November as part of efforts towards ridding the country of filth. VVIP, who voluntered to assist government in sensitizing the youth on the importance of the National Sanitation Day campaign.


Reggie Rockstone partaking in National Sanitation Day in Takoradi on June 6

I exhort His Excellency President John Mahama and his government to make changes for a better Ghana. This Plan of Action that I came up with can resolve a lot of various issues:

1. A second adminiatrative capital should be chosen by the government. Many people from different villages living outside the Greater Accra region  move to Accra for better living conditions and work opportunities, which will make the city more populous. Thousands of people are living in Accra. If there is a second administrative capital, people can move to that place instead of going to Accra. For example, The Hague is the administrative capital of The Netherlands but the third-largest city after Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The government, parliament, the Council of State, most foreign embassies and 150 international organisations are located there, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court;
2. Like I wrote earlier, the government can set up public companies to dispose of waste in the country. Furthermore, the government should delegate responsibilities to various town councils in all regions in Ghana and collaborate with the companies. Some examples are installing litter bins and making sure gutters are cleaned up in a lot of areas every week! Recycling companies should be hired to clear trash at beaches and other places in Accra that were affected by the floods. Not only in Accra but all over Ghana. It should be done continuously;
3. Destroy/fix poor drainages systems in Ghana and build new ones;
4. Construct new highways and hire companies to investigate if asphalt concretes on roads should be replaced by new ones. In Holland, I have seen construction workers blocking certain highways/roads to replace new asphalt concretes. Working on the roads can also be done during the night-time;
5. Lawmakers should come up with stringent laws against filth. For example, they should give the police mandate to give fines to anyone that urinate on the streets. This should also apply to those that put trash in the gutters or the grounds.

I’m not into politics but the suggestions above can solve some of the problems our motherland Ghana is facing.



3 thoughts on “Ghana Must Change

  1. I hope we learn from this disaster. We decided to oppress nature, now natures fights back. Too much filth in our drains yet it keeps getting worse. We need to change our ways or nature will keep fighting back.

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