Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Celebrates Sixteen Years Wedding Anniversary

Lawyer Ampaw
Popular Ghanaian lawyer Maurice Ampaw, over the weekend, celebrated his sixteenth wedding anniversary and revealed the difficult circumstances under which he got married.

Ampaw told News-One he got married to his childhood friend Evelyn after dating her for over 15 years, and that she was breadwinner of their family for the first two years of their marriage.

He said they also had to wait for ten years before their marriage got blessed with children.

“When I got married, I was not a lawyer and I had to save money to go to school. I did not leave ‘chop money’ for two years and my wife was the one taking care of the house. She would use her own money to cook and keep the house.

“We were deeply in love; and though we have been married for 16 years, it is as if we got married only yesterday. Look, when I was dating my wife, we did not have sex for over 15 to 18 years. I was the youth president of my church and she was a church member and we did our best to abstain from sex until we got married,” Ampaw told NEWS-ONE.

Ampaw explained that his wife, Evelyn, earned a modest income as a dressmaker and fashion designer and that it was from that income she took care of the house.

“Evelyn is a God-fearing and modest woman and I wish every man would marry a woman like her. For ten years, we could not make babies but she was patient and kept believing in God and praying for at least just one child. In the tenth year, God blessed us with twins— one boy, one girl: Maurice and Maurine. That same year, I was given an honorary doctorate degree on humanitarian grounds—an international nobel prize award which I won with John Mahama when he was Vice President,” Ampaw stated.

Ampaw’s wife, Evelyn, is the younger sister of former Satellite Under-20 player, Ransford Banini.

Touching briefly on his childhood and upbringing, Maurice Ampaw said he was born on September 24, 1968 to the late Gibson Dotse Ampaw, a Minister under the Bussia government who won the Akyem Abuakwa seat for the UP.

“My mother, Gladys Darko, divorced my dad just two years after my birth. So I grew up under a single mother and it was a difficult thing. We moved from our seven bedroom house and went to stay at a ghetto, Sukura, in a single bedroom and one hall apartment. That was where I grew up,” he disclosed.

Source: Newsone


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