Gasmilla Rocks Indomie Edufest 2015


According to Daily Guide, this year’s edition of Indomie Edufest 2015 held at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra witnessed historic live musical performance from the ‘Telemo’ hit singer, Gasmilla, to the satisfaction of all the patrons at the event.

When he took to the stage, Gasmilla needed no introduction since the patrons were familiar with his songs and during his live performance on stage; he delivered an extraordinary performance which moved all the participants to their feet, dancing to show appreciation to his performance.

Unlike the previous editions, this year’s edition added a choreography dance, dance battles, rap shows, among others, and the various quiz competitions also saw the participants display their prowess in the subject areas.

This year’s edition of Indomie Edufest attracted more than 100 schools from Accra participating in various activities.

Edufest is an academic-based programme that brings pupils from different schools to compete in quiz competition in subjects such as Science, Religious and Moral Education as well as Social Studies.

Mr Shine Akiem Torsoo, Brands Manager at De United Foods Industries Limited, producers of Indomie Instant Noodles, said the fair afforded the pupils the platform to expose their talents, which is a value that the Indomie brand espouses.

Nathaniel Ekow Morrison, Chief Executive of Global Media Consult, organisers of the event, said the Indomie Edufest is a major platform to inspire, encourage and invigorate the academic experience among the basic school pupils.

He, therefore, encouraged parents to support their wards to participate in future events in order to unearth the potential in them.

Winners of the various competitions received certificates, Indomie products, among others, as prizes.



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