Daddy Owen’s fiancée Farida Wambui speaks out on their relationship

daddy owen farida wambuiDaddy Owen and his fiancée Farida Wambui : Photo: Courtesy

According to Standard Digital, Farida comes out as a humble beauty of few words. In fact, she is a media-shy person with a laidback demeanour. By virtue of her position in his life, the lady in Daddy Owen’s life has taken a front seat, celebrating her lover as he launches his fifth album, Vanity. This is the man she has dated for over four years. Unknown to many, this is the designer who has been behind Daddy Owen’s fashion and on this day, she has over four looks for him. Clearly, they are in this showbiz life together.

“I am a very private person and I like it that way, Owen is the celebrity so I prefer staying behind the scenes, supporting him all the way

and letting him shine,” she says when we start this exclusive interview.

It is no wonder that there has been little publicity about her since Pulse revealed that the two were dating in 2013 after which they went public about their affair.
“I knew what I was getting into from the onset and so I prefer to keep it that way,” remarks the beauty whom Owen refers as ‘The Special One’.
Her gestures and wifely demeanour evidently affirms what Daddy Owen had mentioned earlier as he narrated how Farida played a very instrumental part in his life.
“She is the one! Farida complements me in many ways, always supporting my musical career, showing up to concerts where I’m called to perform and offering much needed advice in regards to the industry,” Daddy Owen says in appreciation.
Having been together for four years means that she knows him like the palm of her hand and has ultimately risen to become his number one fan.
“So which of his songs could you sing from start to finish?” we inquire.
Laughing off the question at first, she affirms that as his number one fan, she knows all his songs but…
“I know all his songs but I must admit that Tazama and Be are my favourites because they always speak to my heart. I must confess that all his songs move me in different situations as they elicit different emotions.”

That said would she be able to sing Owen’s songs word for word if she were called to task?
“I’m not the singer in the family but, if I was called to sing his music, I would definitely take up the task and give it my best shot. It naturally comes as part of the support system, which I provide him,” she says.

“Having been in the industry long enough, Owen has learnt that both the great and difficult moments are part of the package, but I don’t worry too much because he is very prayerful and whenever it gets tough, he always takes time out to go pray about the issues,” Farida tells Pulse

But how does it feel to be the lass that won this big star’s heart? We wondered how her life had transformed since she met Owen.
How does the soon-to-be Mrs Owen relate with the other ladies in his circles??
“Yes they do. Fellow ladies always call me up for chats and the younger ones actually call me ‘mum’ and talk to me whenever they need a word from me,” she confesses. “Relationships are different for every couple. The way Owen and I handle ours would be totally different from the way another celebrity couple would, because even our personalities are very different,” she notes.

As his soon-to-be wife, Farida admits that she is proud of how far Owen had come and for their relationship, which featured primarily in his list of priorities.

“I must be here for him and support him through it all because we are in this together. Even better is how much I wish him the best and pray that he always stays shining,” she admits.

Fidel, who is Daddy Owen’s young brother adds that Farida has added so much value to Owen’s life that he also hoped to find a lady who would bring such impact in his life.

“Fari is my big sister and role model in very many ways and after their wedding. I shall have learnt so much from them. Above all true love is rare so whenever one finds it, they should protect it! I am so happy for my brother Ruff and Crystal, and now Owen and Farida for setting the pace,” says Fidel.


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