My career is not dying – Shatta Wale hits back at journalist

shatta and bulldogBulldog and Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale in a recent interview with Dr. Cann on Happy FM made efforts to squash the notion that his career was growing cold by the day. The singer who resurfaced in the news for writing an apology letter to the industry last Sunday argued; “Cann, as I talk to you, I have a show and I’m always booked. In fact, I don’t want to be playing at Teshi and conference center always. I need to feed people Tarkoradi, Sunyani, Kumasi and more. I have gigs in Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and more coming. I have so many places to go. If you call my father, he will give you the rundown of all my movement and bookings.” Answering a question on whether he was still relevant, Shatta asked; “If people talk about relevance, what’s relevance? I always release songs on Facebook and I record every day. Just organize a show in your neighborhood and tell people that Shatta Wale will pass through and see the crowd that will come out. I’m still relevant. It’s you and other people in the media that try to create that idea that my career is going down.”



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