Hair Product Review: Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Olive Oil

botanicals olive oilI have been using the Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Olive Oil for quite some time now. It’s written on the product that it helps strengthen, repair and protect one’s hair. It is naturally enriched with conditioning shea butter and has the protection of vitamin E and soy protein. It can be used daily. Furthermore, it is recommended to utilize it lightly before heat styling. Apply it to damaged hair and split-ends.

To be frank, I’m not really satisfied with the product. First of all, I will start with my positive experiences and then with the negative experiences.

I can actually take big portions of my hair and twist or braid it and they don’t lose. When I remove the twists/braids, I have nice curls. My bad experience with the product is that even though I used a lot of it a couple of times, it doesn’t leave my hair shiny for a long time.

In conclusion, this product doesn’t really work for me. I could only use it when twisting or braiding my hair and then use a scarf to wrap my hair.


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