“I can’t promise the comeback of Wutah,” says Afriyie


Recent media reports mentioned the possibility of Afriyie and Kobby working together again as a group.

A radio interview early this week, however, ended any hopes of them ever working together again.

Afriyie took to Facebook on Wednesday to address the ‘radio confrontation’ and other issues.

“I cannot promise that Wutah will come back together today or in the future, but I can promise that, with the support and prayers from my fans, I will continue to make good music,” he wrote.

Below is the full post:

This statement is issued to dispel all rumors surrounding the coming back of WUTAH and to clarify/dismiss all misconceptions, following the interview granted by my brother, Kobby and I to PLUZZ FM on April 5th, 2016.

Firstly, I wish to apologize to the Radio Station, the Host and Panel of the show, my Fans and all Listeners, for those verbal exchanges. Those pronouncements were unnecessary and unwholesome . We are human and can therefore make mistakes.

Subsequent to that interview, several comments and interpretations were made by so many people on social media, suggesting that I am ungrateful, arrogant and that I allegedly said Kobby’s solo career is a disaster.

In the light of the above, I wish to make the following clarifications:

1. I have not expressly or impliedly made any statement suggesting that Kobby had failed as a solo artiste. No musician worth his/her salt would ever suggest or make any such statement, considering the difficulties and challenges involved in making music.

It is important to indicate that, the successes I chalk today were as a result of our collective efforts and I would therefore never discount the efforts of my brother or the impact of the Group, Wutah, in my life.

2. I cannot promise that Wutah will come back together today or in the future, but I can promise that, with the support and prayers from my fans, I will continue to make good music.

3. I wish to appeal to my fans to ignore all that is trending on social media, suggesting than I am ungrateful and branding me as disrespectful and arrogant. Wutah Kobby and I disbanded to pursue solo careers and to entertain our fans. He is still my brother and I will continue to support him, the best way that I can.

4. I wish to also remind my brother, Kobby, to ignore the negative pronouncements from people and detracting comments trending on social media. Such pronouncements and comments can only disorient and keep you off your focus.

Finally, I wish to thank my fans for their love, loyalty and undying support.

Afriyie Wutah

The group gained mainstream appreciation after they placed second in the Nescafe Africa Revelation music competition to Praye.

Their debut album Anamontuo produced by G-Strings Entertainment had a number of radio hits including Big Dreams and Adonko.

The album earned them a number of nominations and awards at different awards schemes including Ghana Music Awards.

They went their separate ways in 2010.

Source: Livefmghana.com


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